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What our homeowners are saying about the Thompson Homes Experience

  • "Thompson Homes build quality and attention to detail is first class -- the designs incorporated into each room are unique and provide a custom feel. We researched many options for our custom home, and Thompson Homes was the obvious choice -- their attention to detail, build quality and unique design options are second to none."

    (Dr. and Mrs. Butuk)
  • "I would highly recommend Jeff Thompson of Thompson homes to anyone looking to build a energy efficient home with a great working team. They have always been receptive and eager to improve their home building process to put out an exceptional product."

  • "...After completing our project, we visited a multi-million dollar home on the West Coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We were impressed with the quality of this home to say the least. My husband and I discussed the quality, craftsmanship, and details of this home as we left. We both commented to each other our home and overall finished product was superior to that which we just had witnesses in a home that cost them ten times as much (without the land) comparing as close to apples that we could. We are very pleased with the quality we received for the PRICE paid."

  • "After the first couple of nights Craig was in his home he emailed me this: "I have been staying in it since Friday. I it so quiet inside I can almost not hear the construction on the houses next to me in the morning. I also wanted to thank you for building a truly well built, beautiful custom home in my price range! All my friends and co-workers were impressed with the quality and workmanship"


Our Custom Home Building Process

  • "We chose Jeff Thompson and Thompson Homes and had the finest experience imaginable. Jeff took our ideas, requests and personalities to heart and worked with us to design our wonderful home. The quality of the Thompson Homes are not only visible in their products, but also in the respect and pride with which they operate."

  • "We were consulted on any changes and were able to pick out the specifics we wanted and they offered suggestions to help us. We love our home and would recommend Thompson Homes to anyone. If we ever decided to build again we would definitely use them again."

    (Dr. & Mrs. Francis)
  • "From the first time we met with Jeff Thompson and discussed what we wanted in a new home to the follow-up after we were in our home, we were always treated as if we were the most important client they had...We were consulted on any changes and were able to pick out the specifics we wanted..."

    (Dr. & Mrs. Francis)
  • "The follow up provided after purchase is first rate with all issues addressed in a timely and professional manner. Jeff Thompson makes home buying a truly enjoyable experience."

    (Dr. and Mrs. Butuk)
  • "Jeff talked to us about what we specifically wanted, how much we wanted to spend and then he designed a beautiful, original blueprint that included all we had asked for. We were consulted on any changes and were able to pick out the specifics we wanted..."

    (Dr. & Mrs. Francis)

Our Home Builder Team

  • "Jeff Thompson was unusually receptive to our requests, innovative with our ideas, and very creative in design. Most importantly, Jeff was refreshing and positive in every meeting, email and phone call. He was delightful to work with in every aspect. The Thompson Team, (Jeff, Sam and Ann, and Kirsten) are a complimentary gathering of professionals ready to assist in home design from inception to completion."

  • "I would also recommend Thompson Homes to anyone looking to build a custom home. This type of home is difficult for the average builder to meet the needs of clients, but have found the process and professionalism of Thompson Homes very impressive."

  • "Jeff has shown to do quality work and excellence in results. I have used him several times since and have had similar results. he is "on-time" with excellent work ethics. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a quality custom home or office."

  • "Thompson Homes took our dream home ideas and made it a reality. They stand behind their work, solve problems fairly, and are easy to communicate with. I would not hesitate to recommend Thompson Homes to anyone who wants a home that does more than 'meet code.' Their craftsmanship is even more evident as the years go by."

    (Dr. and Mrs. MS)
  • "I was in a subdivision home owner's meeting where many of those in attendance were complaining about there builders not responding to issues relating to there homes. Bill Ware stood up and said,"Not our builder. They are right there for us, and they respond."

    (major developer JRY)
  • "Jeff is enthusiastic, easy to work with and full of excellent ideas! It was obvious that the quality of work done, the integrity with which everything was handled, and the quick response to any questions or concerns that I had, was just 'business as usual' for the Thompsons. I am so glad that we could place our home in the superior and gifted hands of Thompson Homes."

    (Mr and Mrs. MP)